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Bureau with Chinese lacquer decoration

Jacques Dubois
Pontoise, 1694 - Pontoise, 1763

Around 1745, Chinese lacquer and gilt bronze, 82 x 178 x 90 cm

It is custom to consider that the large collections boast exceptional furniture, due to their origin or the quality of their cabinetmaker. This is the case for this desk created by Jacques Dubois, cabinetmaker for King Louis XV and the creator of several items of furniture that decorate the royal apartments in Versailles. This desk is of exceptional quality. It was made with Chinese lacquers, as was the style at that time. The exotic and picturesque appearance of the Chinese curio, the tension between the lines and forms and the delicacy of the bronze embellishments all result in it being a work fit for a king.

This desk was given to the town of Langres, where it was preserved until the following century, before being resold to Edouard André.

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