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Table decoration in Sèvres porcelain

Charles-Nicolas Dodin
Versailles, 1734 - Sèvres, 1803

1761, Sèvres porcelain decorated in turquoise blue, 17 x 17 cm

Formed from three pieces that could be decorated with flowers, this decoration was created in Sèvres and bears the stamp of the Royal manufactory. Sponsored by the king, this creation aimed to sell French porcelain in order to decrease imports of Chinese porcelain. As the engineers running the company had not yet found kaolin on national soil to make “hard” porcelain, they developed a substitute called “soft” porcelain. This process was used on these items, meaning that they can be dated from soon after the manufactory was established.

Hallmarks or signatures can be seen: these are the marks of the gilder and painter, Charles-Nicolas Dodin, who invented a pastoral decor that imitated Flemish landscape compositions.

A collector’s label mentioning the Rothschild family, and thereby its exceptional origins, has been discovered recently.

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